About Optimedic

OPTIMEDIC is an experienced medical company specialized in the Ophthalmic and Dermatology fields, located in Beirut - Lebanon, the capital of medical and health care services in the Middle East. Founders are optometrists and engineers who have a wide experience in the medical field with more than 20 years of experience especially in the ophthalmic and aesthetic fields. A fast growing company thanks to the efforts of its great team members and the trust of our loyal clients that are either doctors, hospitals, or optician/optometrists.

OPTIMEDIC Represents well known brands with the highest quality and the best prices. Well renowned for its great after-sale support thanks to its team of engineers and technicians.

Our mission To market innovative products

To serve the world of the Ophthalmologists and Dermatologists by marketing innovative products for life quality improvement and with the aim to gain a high market share through our professional team of sales, application and service people.

Our Slogan

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality, was inspired from the motivation of the founders to prove their experience in the medical field through a dream company that can make from a vision a reality, and serves vision at first place by supporting the Ophthalmologists and Optometrists and provides them with the best products that they need in their daily practice.
Able to realize is another slogan that reflects their will to finish every work they start, in order to satisfy their clients' needs.

Ophthalmic Solutions

Medical company specialized in
the ophthalmic field

Dermatology Solutions

Medical company specialized in
the Dermatology field

Fantastic Support

Well known for after sale support

Great Team Members

A team of optometrists and engineers
with high experience to serve you.

Our Vision To provide best quality products

To contribute into the improvement in the quality of sight and skin, by providing the best quality products to the doctors and clients and therefore to help enhancing the life of the Patients by providing complete solutions for patient care and well-being.

Our Values


Why to choose us

Our clients are kings. They get what they ask for. We try our best to fulfill their needs and consider them as priority.

We always look to have innovative products to share with our doctors and clients and to improve any existing service.
Our invasive and non-invasive products and equipment cover most of our clients' needs and our portfolio keeps on growing constantly to reach the highest clients satisfaction and to keep up with the latest technologies.

Our clients receive the best quality of products certified either by Europe or the USA, to make sure that the patient's safety always comes first.

Each request is a top priority.